Facebook Content Error – This usually happens because the owner has restricted access

The facebook error might have happened to you several times. You get a message that a friend has shared a post or tagged you in it. However you click it, you get a pop-up message that the content your friend is not available at the moment. This indeed is a frustrating occurrence.

Have you ever wondered what causes this? If you haven’t, you’re at the right post, because in this article we would be telling you the possible reasons.

One of the primary reasons is the owner has changed the privacy settings of the post or deleted it. However, there are many more reasons which we would be discussing later in this post.

Facebook Content Error- Possible Reasons

There could be multiple reason behind such error, and during research we figure out these can be possible reasons:

1. You Have Been Blocked By The User

One of the several reasons is that you’ve been blocked by the user. If you haven’t noticed posts or stories from that user in quite a while, then there’s a high chance that you are blocked by the user.

In that case, there is no way you can see the post of the user.

You will not be able to find any posts, comments, stories or anything related to that account, if you’re blocked.

2. You Have Been Logged Out

Sometimes due to some glitch in the Facebook server, you’re logged out without your consent.

This is most likely to happen when Facebook has received an update or there is an error with the app.

You can check whether you’re logged out or not, if you’re not logged out, the best idea is to refresh once, log-out and log-in again, or re-launch the app.

3. Facebook Is Down

One reason could be that the service itself is down. This can happen due to server errors or Facebook is updating their server. This event occurs occasionally, once every 4-5 months.

Yet, this is most-likely not the reason, because when the service is down, it goes down for an entire region or all around the globe, and not only for one page.

If you are doubtful, you can use services like Down Detector to check whether the service is down in a particular region.

4. The Content Is Removed

If you’re still facing the issue in spite of the fixes given above, there is a high chance that the post or story is removed/ deleted.

This happens when the person who posted the content, i.e the owner, has deleted the post. There could be numerous reasons behind the deletion of that specific post.

There could also be a chance that Facebook took down that post because it went against Facebook’s community guidelines or is spam.

Facebook has the authority to take-down a post or story if it goes against Facebook’s community guidelines or is improper and reported by several users.

5. The Profile Is Deleted Or Deactivated

Additionally, the deletion or deactivation of the profile/ account could also be a reason.

This could happen when the account has been reported by several users or is intentionally done by the owner.

Another reason behind deletion of an account is, it being a spam account, i.e a Fake ID.

Otherwise, the posts of that specific account went against Facebook’s community guidelines or has posts that are violent and violate Facebook’s standards.

6. The Privacy Settings Are Changed

This is one of the supreme reasons, as-of-why you aren’t able to see the post, i.e Content Error on Facebook.

This usually happens when the owner of the account has changed the privacy of the post to private after making the post public.

There are many privacy settings for a post on Facebook that are rather useful in particular situations. There are options like Public, Private, Friends, Specific Friends, etc.

When the privacy setting of the post is set to Public, anyone on the internet can see the post, Private, only you can see the post. Friends, only your added friends can see the post. Specific Friends, you choose which friend you want to show and which you don’t, etc.

The possible reason could be, the privacy setting of the post is set to private.

When the privacy of the post is set to private, the visibility of the post is reduced to only you.

7. Age Restriction Or Region Restriction

The last reason could be, the post is unavailable due to age restrictions or because your specific region is restricted. Maybe the page admin decided to put restrictions for the people in the particular region or for a specific age group.

If that’s the case, you can use a VPN service for accessing the content.

If you’re still not able to view the post, you can check with an adult account whether the post is visible to that account or not.


The Facebook Content Error can be caused due to numerous reasons. The reasons which were able to be found and researched are mentioned above.

The prime reason is that the owner has changed the post to private, or the post is deleted. Checking out the scenarios above can ideally help you pick the best options to find the actual reasons that might have caused the error.


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