Tuna Fish In Tamil/Telugu/Bengali

Tuna also known as tunny is saltwater fish and eaten all over the world. It is generally used in Asian cuisines.

It belongs to mackerel group or scombridae family and in this family group tuna belongs to tribe called Thunnini.

Tuna Fish In Tamil and Telugu

There are around 15 tuna species in Thunnini tribe varing from 1 foot to 15 feet.

In India, researchers have found nine species ( kawakawa, frigate tuna, dogtooth tuna, bullet tuna and oriental bonito) of tuna.

It is an important commercial fish. Yellow fin tuna are found in the deep waters off the Goa coast and Kerala.

There are many ways we eat tuna fish like steaks, salads, and burgers. It taste so amazing and also includes amazing health benefits.

It is very good source of vitamins and minerals as well as impressive nutritional value. It has ability to reduce the cardiovascular disorders, stimulate growth and development, lower BP and cholesterol levels as well as help in weight loss.

Tuna Fish In Tamil

Tuna is one of the most popular fishes in India. You can find in most of the states. In Tamil, Tuna fish is called சூரை மீன் or soorai meen. So, whenever you visit Tamilnadu (Indian state) you can ask for soorai meen if you wish to eat tuna fish.

Tuna Fish in Telugu

Andra Pradesh is one of the higest states in fish consumption as well as many people’s living depends on fishing. Here you can find all types of fishes, including Tuna.

Telugu is language of Andra Pradesh. In Telugu, Tuna fish is called Toora Chepa or టూరా చెప.

Tuna Fish In Bengali

West Bengal, another state which is one of the top states in consumption of fish. In Bengali, Tuna fish is called Tuna Mach or টুনা মাছ.

If you’re in west bengal and looking for this fish restaurant or hotel then you can ask for Tuna Mach.

Final Words: Tuna is one of the best fish in the world, It also offers you numerous health benefits. This article was mainly for people who were looking its name in Tamil, Telugu or Bengali. Hope you find our article helpful, you can support us by sharing.

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