TRP Full Form – Television Rating Point in Details

TRP stands for Television Rating Point. The TRP of any channel depends on the show that is displayed. The TRP rate is one on which the TRP of a TV channel is calculated.

These numbers are treated as a sample from the overall TV owners in different geographical and demographic sectors.

TRP qualifies advertisers and investors to understand the mood of the people.

According to the TRP of a TV Channel or programme advertisers decide where to display their advertisements and investors will decide about the investment of the money.

What is TRP?

TRP or target rating point is the metric unit used by the marketing and advertising agencies to estimate their viewership.

TRP is also used for judging the programmes that are watched the most and to rank the viewers choice.

It helps to evaluate which channel and show is watched the most and it also indicates the popularity of a specific channel or programme.

How is TRP calculated?

TRP is calculated by the indian agency named “Broadcast Audience Research Council” using “BAR-O-METERS”

The BARC reveals weekly TRP every Thursday, ranking the most popular channels and programmes.

BARC is installed BAR-O-METERS in over 50,000 empanelled households.

In such a way, many viewers are surveyed in the form of justice and sampling.

These gadgets record the data of the channels and programmes watched by the family or hand-picked people. This method is called “People Meters”.

Another method is known as “Picture Matching”.

In this method, the people meter records a small chunk of the picture that is being watched on the television.

This data is collected from a set of homes in the form of a picture and later is examined to calculate the TRPs.

How TRP affects income?

Due to the fluctuations in viewership of any TV channel, TRP may be lower or some higher, which directly affects their income because the advertisers pay more for the high TRP channels than low TRPs.

Thus, when the TRP increases, the income increases; simultaneously, when TRP decreases, the income also goes down.

Thus the TV shows continuously focus on improving their audience engagement for watching TV.

What is BARC?

Broadcast Audience Research Council, formed in 2014 is the world’s largest television audience measurement service.

After its joint venture with TAM, it is now the only rating body for the broadcasting sector in the country.

BARC India currently has 22,000 Bar-o-meters installed across the country and is mandated to scale that up by 10,000 annually to reach 50,000 metered homes by year four of operations.

BARC India launched its services with 277 subscribed channels. Today, the number of channels that have adopted BARC India’s watermarking technology and are subscribed to its services has grown to 470+.

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