What is the name of Salmon Fish in Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali?

Salmon fish is one of the most popular, nutritious, and easiest to cook fishes in the world.

Salmon fish
Salmon Fish

It is so delicious, versatile, and widely available.

It is one of the best resources of omega-3 fatty acids is quite helpful in reducing inflammation, lower BP.

It is also great source of protein, that prevent muscle loss, among other things.

It has also high vitamin B and rich source of pottasium.

So, ofcause eating this very good for health, and it will also keep you away for serval different disease.

It can be smoked, canned, filleted, and also added to salad.

Salmon Fish In India

Salmon fish is not available in India as it is not native to the subcontinent.

It is salt water fish mainly found in Costal areas around the Pacific Ocean.

There is a different fish, Rawas which is known as Indian Salmon.

Salmon fish in telugu
Indian Salmon/Rawas/Maga

Rawas (Indian Salmon) is famous for its delicious taste with white meat and firm texture.

It cost between ₹500 and ₹1200 per kg depending on the quality, freshness, size and local availability.

You can’t find European variant (salmon) in Indian Market.

Indian Salmon Fish In Tamil:

Indian Salmon or Rawas known as Kala Meen/Kaala Meen in Tamil. It is widely available in west and east coast in India.

It is relatively expensive fish, so you can’t find in all the restaurants but If you visit good good restaurants or hotels in Tamil Nadu (Chennai) you can definitely find it.

It is so delicious and also very beneficial for health.

Indian Salmon Fish in Telugu:

As you read above, Salmon Fish doesn’t found in India, There is another fish Rawas known as Indian Salmon which you can find in Andra Pradesh.

Indian Salmon known as Maga in Telugu.

Indian Salmon Fish In Bengali:

Indian Salmon or Rawas Bangali name is গুরজালি or Gurjāli. It is one of the best fishes to eat and people love to eat it. Whenever you visit west bengal you can eat this.

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