Rohu Fish In Tamil and Telugu

Rohu also known as rui is a fish species which comes from carp family. It occurs in rivers and pond thoughout much of northen and central eastern India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Mayanmar. So, basically this fish is mainly found in South Asia.

Rohu is enriched with good amount of protein, packed with omega 3 fatty acid and vitamins A, B, and C. It also keep away you from many diseases, you should eat at least once in a week. Eating fish is also very beneficial for pregnant woman.

It is a colorful fish with dark scales on its upper body and golden brown belly and fins that bright red.

Rohu Fish

There are lots of dishes of rohu fish, mainly are Rui Kalia, Rohu Fish Fry, and Bhape Rohu Curry. All taste so delicious and people love eating it.

There are lots of people who travel different cities and states in India, and if they wish to eat any fish they must know name of fish in local language. One of the most common questions on internet is what’s rohu fish called in tamil and what is name of rohu fish in telugu. Lets check out:

Rohu Fish In Tamil

Tamil Nadu ranks fourth in total marine fish production in the India, there are about 10 fishermen lives here. Here you can find a lot of varities of fishes including Rohu.

In this post we are talking about Rohu, so we have to stick with it.

Rohu fish name is, ரோகு மீன் in Tamil. It also known as Carpo Fish.

Rohu Fish in Telugu

Telugu is language of Andra Pradesh and Telangana. Andhra Pradesh has the 2nd longest coastline of 974 km in the eastern peninsular India.

Fishing is one of the important job here and lakhs of people depend on it.

Here you can find a lot of fish species including Rohu.

Rohu name in Telugu is, Bocha gnadu meen or బోచా గ్నాడు మేన్ If you ever visit there and you wish to eat you can say above name.

Final Words:

Rohu is one of the most popular fish in India, It is less expensive and delicious. Eating this is also very good for health. In this article we told Rohu fish name in Telugu and Tamil, Hope this article helped you with the information you were looking for.

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