4.5*3.5 cm in pixels with 200 DPI

Are you looking for what is 4.5*3.5 pixels with 200 dpi? then you’re at right place, In this article we are going to tell you but before going ahead let me tell you:

What is a pixel?

A pixel is one of the small dots or squares that make up an image on a computer or smartphone screen.

The more pixels there are, the more real and accurate the picture looks.

Any digital image is made up of pixels, and when anyone talks about the resolution of a computer or smartphone screen, they are referring to the number of pixels.

What is PPI/ DPI?

Firstly, let us understand what PPI and DPI is. Basically, PPI means pixels per inch and DPI means dots per inch and tells the number of displayed/ printed points (dots) per inch.

Consider this 10 PPI means 10 pixels per inch along the width and the height. Look at the image below.

Note- DPI and PPI are essentially the same except that Printer specs are mentioned in DPI and the graphical representation will be in terms of the blacked out box or a black square in the image below.

As you can see 20 DPI means more details of the image that can be printed in a single inch compared to 10 DPI.

Now, try to imagine 200 DPI. it will have far more details of the image printed as compared to 20 DPI.

I hope you understood pixel and dpi Let’s go to your actual question.

Explained: 4.5*3.5 cm in pixels with 200 DPI

Width of 3.5 cm = 1.378 inch

1.378 * 200 dots/ pixel = 275 pixel

Similarly, 4.5 cm = 1.77 inch

1.77 * 200 dots/ pixel = 354 pixel

So, the image in pixels is 275 * 354 px

When this image is printed on a sheet of 2.75cm * 3.54 ( full image is occupying the page ) cm paper a picture will have resolution of approximately 100 pixel per inch will appear better than when expanded and printed on a full page, A4 size approximately will have about 30 pixel per inch which will make the image appear pixelated and blurry.

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